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Highway 62 is an east-west route

In a recent article you twice mention the east and west lanes of Highway 62. I’m pretty sure that Highway 62 is almost a true north-south road. Am I missing something?

— Via email

It definitely is an east-west route, though you are correct, some parts of the route do run north and south.

There’s an easy way to tell if a highway runs east-west or north-south: east-west highways and freeways receive even numbers, while north-south ones get odd numbers.

“It’s easy to say, well, I’m traveling north on Highway 62, right? Because that’s the direction you’re going at any given time,” said Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Gary Leaming. “If you’re going between Delta Waters (Road in Medford) and White City, you’re going north-south. So it’s easy to say I’m in the northbound lanes. But to be technically correct, you would say I’m in the eastbound lanes if you’re going from Delta Waters to White City.”

The highway runs from the “Big X” — the meeting point of highways 62 and 99 — all the way to U.S. Highway 97, just southwest of Chiloquin in Klamath County. It’s not a “true” east-west highway, Leaming added, diverging at times.

“To the north, then it goes northeast, then it goes southwest,” Leaming said. “Then eventually finds its way over to U.S. 97 there by Kla-Mo-Ya Casino.”

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