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What's on the menu at Peerless?

My wife and I had a beautiful dinner at Peerless Restaurant in Ashland for Valentine’s Day, though it wasn’t exactly on Valentine’s Day because I had to go out of town for a business trip. Anyway, we heard something about the restaurant changing hands, and we were worried what it means for the cuisine. Can you tell us what’s on the menu for Peerless?

— Jim S., Talent

There are some changes afoot, Jim, but nothing to worry about as far as we can tell.

Crissy Barnett Donovan, owner and founder of Peerless, is selling the restaurant to her long-time chef, Harlan Brooks. Donovan has operated the restaurant for 23 years and will continue to own and operate the adjacent Peerless Hotel.

Brooks has been chef at the Peerless for eight years, so he’s going to maintain the culinary legacy that Donovan established.

He has said that he plans to continue to offer inventive and, in his words, “vivacious” cooking.

By the way, Peerless was recently voted one of the 10 best wine country hotels in the U.S. by USA Today.

So, relax, Jim, and look forward to next year’s Valentine’s Day dinner. Since you didn’t go to the restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you might want to know that it was pretty busy that day at Peerless.

Bon appetit, Jim.

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