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Since You Asked: Stereo receiver is garbage, not e-waste

I’m an appreciative user of Rogue Disposal’s material look-up on the company website. But sometimes I find myself needing to get rid of an item not listed in its results. For example, I have a busted stereo receiver that I’ve hung onto. I know Rogue Disposal takes some electronic items, but that’s not one listed. Will I get in trouble if I toss that into my black lid bin?

— Nicholas

We checked with the experts, Nicholas, and called Rogue Disposal & Recycling ourselves to find out where to toss your electronic junk.

“That’s garbage,” said Laura Leebrick, community and governmental affairs manager for Rogue Disposal.

You probably noticed that the stereo receiver isn’t included among the items accepted through the company’s e-waste program. That program, according to guidelines set by the state, is only required to accept certain items for free. They include computers, including desktops, laptops and tablets, as well as monitors, TVs and printers. Computer peripherals, such as a mouse or a keyboard, are also accepted.

You can drop up to seven of those items at a time at participating sites for free.

Per the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Leebrick, the best way to get questions answered about where to drop old electronics or other waste is to call the waste manager. You can contact Rogue Disposal at 541-779-4161.

But Rogue Disposal isn’t the only registered e-waste recycler in the area. You can use a DEQ tool to find recyclers near you, what they accept and how to reach them.

Southern Oregon Goodwill, which stopped accepting e-waste in 2018, also has a list of waste managers and contacts on its website.

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