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Police encourage online crime reporting during pandemic

I heard about how the coronavirus is affecting the jail. It got me wondering about any extra precautions police are taking for things like arrests.

— Via email

To start, sheriff’s deputies may start keeping a greater distance between themselves and people they’re interacting with during responses to calls.

“In just general terms, being cautious, I guess. And in many cases, if it’s appropriate, to cite and release, to take that option when you can,” said Mike Moran, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman. “That reduces contact to some degree.”

The sheriff’s department and Medford police are encouraging residents to utilize their online reporting systems when possible. Medford’s online reporting system includes options for nonfelony crimes such as traffic complaints, telephonic harassment and trespassing.

That said, police are still responding to calls. Officers will figure out next steps on a case-by-case basis. Medford police is also working with emergency management partners to ensure critical and essential services are maintained.

Sheriff’s deputies have received training about things to look for on scene.

“I think it gets down to when you get on scene, looking at it, maybe taking a different tack than you would,” Moran said.

Online reporting tools for Medford police can be accessed at cityofmedford.org/reportcrime. The sheriff’s system is at https://jacksoncountyor.org/sheriff/Safety/Report-a-Crime.

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