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Enjoy your morning newspaper

I’m really happy to be still getting my newspaper delivered every day during the coronavirus crisis. It gives me something to do every morning while I’m basically quarantined in my house. I’ve been wondering if I need to take any precautions when I handle the paper to prevent getting the virus. Can you let me know if it’s OK to read the paper?

— Chris T., Medford

You’re not alone in wondering about the possibility of contracting the virus from handling your morning paper, Chris.

But we can tell you with some assurance that newspapers delivered to your door appear to be relatively safe, according to health experts.

Editor and Publisher, which writes about all things related to the media, featured a story on this very subject March 23.

The conclusion of the article: “There has never been a reported incident of COVID-19 being transmitted via newsprint. ... The early scientific research on virus transmission to inanimate surfaces suggests porous surfaces carry the lowest potency for the shortest period of time.”

In addition, the process newsprint goes through to create a newspaper by running it through a press and adding ink to the paper helps sterilize it.

According to the article, newsprint in some countries, most notably in Britain, has been used to wrap fish and chips because it is considered clean.

So grab your morning paper along with your coffee and enjoy the read, Chris.

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