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Helpers still plan to help

Compassion Highway Project Director Melissa Mayne said that when COVID-19 restrictions went into place last week, she couldn’t bear the thought of canceling twice weekly feeds that hundreds of community residents rely on.

While a plan is in place to feed homeless people living along the Bear Creek Greenway, Mayne and CHP volunteers this week provided sack lunches at Hawthorne Park.

Following social distancing rules, Mayne and a few volunteers instructed homeless people to spread out and wait for food to arrive.

“We’ve still been going over to the park and handing out food as we see people. They live outside, so we’re trying to serve them where they live,” said Mayne, noting that CHP volunteers would help with the Greenway meal plan beginning Friday.

“Tuesday was super hard, knowing that they count on us to do our feeds. We’ve been doing grab-and-go lunches, instead of our usual hot cooked dinners for them. After about 150, we ran out of sack lunches. There was just so much need and they have no services right now. Everything is shut down. They’re all pretty scared and worried.”

While services are reduced due to coronavirus restrictions, Mayne and other local outreach programs said volunteers would continue to provide as much help as they can.

Compassion Highway Project

Volunteers are answering calls for food and supplies. Needed donations include gift cards to area restaurants and grocery stores in addition to supplies (water, sandwich meat, cheese, bread and snacks) for making sack lunches.

Contact: 541-646-8004

Medford Gospel Mission

Shelter policies are changed to reflect coronavirus restrictions. Those staying at the shelter are only permitted to shelter in place, not come and go. On-site dining has been discontinued and some 200 “to go” meals are being provided daily. Needed donations, to be dropped off at 125 W. Jackson St., Medford, include meal containers, bottled water, face masks, hand sanitizer, beef, chicken, rice, flat egg noodles, penne pasta, fresh fruit and snack items.

Contact: 541-772-2931

Maslow Project

Maslow offices are closed, with only remote services being provided, including resource navigation, case management and crisis counseling. Clients are encouraged to call or email case managers directly. Coordinators are facilitating gift cards for grocery stores to provide clients in need of food. Donation needs include gift cards for grocery stores, snack food items, bottled water, and hygiene and cleaning products. Donate online, www.maslowproject.com/donate/

Online updates, www.facebook.com/MaslowProjectOutreach

Contact, 541-601-2443

Ashland Community Resource Center

Ashland Community Resource Center is facilitating efforts by a handful of local nonprofits to provide shelter resources, food and supplies. Ashland City Administrator Kelly Madding said meals are being provided seven days per week in addition to some other resources for area homeless. The center is located at 611 Siskiyou Blvd., Unit 4.

Details, 541-631-2235

Jackson County Homeless Task Force

Updates by the Jackson County Homeless Task Force, covering updates from a variety of local agencies, can be found online at www.facebook.com/JacksonCountyHTF/

Updates by the Jackson County Homeless Task Force, covering updates from a variety of local agencies, can be found online at www.facebook.com/JacksonCountyHTF/

Andy Atkinson / Mail Tribune Melissa Mayne hands lunch bags for the homeless at Hawthorne Park in Medford Tuesday.