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Events would not block locals from using pools

If measures 15-187 and 15-188 pass and the “event center” is built, will we citizens have the pools available to us if there are “events” going on? Or will we be out in the heat while outsiders enjoy the pools? Still wondering how to vote.

— Catherine H., Medford

The short answer to your question, Catherine, is that you would be able to enjoy the pools while an event was going on elsewhere in the facilities.

The pools would be located in one building, and the event center would be located in an adjacent building, with a shared support space in between.

The proposed 89,559-square-foot event and recreation facility at Wes Howard Memorial Park at the corner of Ross Lane and Rossanley Drive could have all kinds of events taking place and not have any impact on the operation of the pools.

In fact, the entire operation of the facility was designed so that multiple events could take place simultaneously and offer year-round recreational opportunities.

Altogether, the pools, the recreational facility and the shared support space would occupy 163,380 square feet of covered space, more than enough area for multiple activities.

The two measures that you refer to would allow the city to collect more hotel taxes to help pay for the $60 million pool facility.

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