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Jackson County's transferred virus case was recent

A recent COVID-19 test got transferred to Jackson County from another county. Is there any way we can find out the date of the test that was added? Is it a new case, or is it adding a case from two weeks ago, because they figured out the person lives here?

— via Facebook

The date on the original test was not available, but Jackson County Public Health officials said it occurred “within the week” that it was transferred back to us.

But let’s set the stage really quickly for those who feel like they have just walked into the middle of a conversation.

Sometimes a positive COVID-19 test result will erroneously be attributed to the wrong county, perhaps because the patient’s address information is not up to date, or because the person was tested while they were traveling. It typically doesn’t take long for health departments to figure this out, and they correct the error quickly when they do.

“Most of the time it’s all in the same county and it’s very straightforward,” said Jackson County Medical Director Dr. Jim Shames.

Recently, what was thought to be the county’s 50th was found to be a patient from another county, so the Jackson County total was revised downward to 49. Then, a few days later, the opposite happened. A case initially attributed to another county was added to our tally, and we were back up to 50.

That’s the one you’re talking about, and it was a recent, ongoing case.

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