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Red-light tickets for vehicles with dealer plates go to the dealer

Can those Medford red light cameras track you down if you have dealer plates on your car? Asking for a friend.

— Via email

We have some potentially bad news for you — ahem, sorry, your friend.

When a vehicle with dealer plates is caught by a red-light camera, the ticket goes to the dealer, according to Medford police Lt. Trevor Arnold, because the dealership is the registered owner.

Unfortunately for you — sorry, your friend — that’s not the end of the story. A form comes with the citation on which the dealer can record who was driving at the time of the incident.

“Whether that’s an employee or customer or whoever it is,” Arnold said, adding this can happen only if the dealer keeps track of who is driving its cars.

The dealership sends the driver information and the citation back to the police department. The citation is then reissued to the appropriate party, and the dealer is in the clear.

Apologies for the bad news. Give your friend our best. And maybe tell them to watch out for those cameras. They’ll get you.

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