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Some grocery stores recycle plastic bags

Now that we no longer are allowed to reuse the thin plastic produce bags, is there any way to recycle them?

— Scott J.

You’re right, Scott. Rogue Disposal and Recycling, which services most of Jackson County, doesn’t pick up plastic bags.

But many local grocery stores do recycle plastic bags, along with zip-close bags and plastic wrappers.

To find a store near you that accepts plastic bags for recycling, go to www.plasticfilmrecycling.org. When you get on the website, you’ll need to give your ZIP code, and the stores in your area will be listed.

A word of caution. Stores may stop collecting plastic bags at any time because of constantly changing conditions in the recycling world, so bear that in mind.

Recology Ashland also doesn’t accept plastic bags in its recycling bin, but several grocery stores in town do.

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