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No new shootings reported on I-5 in Josephine, Douglas counties

I was curious if there were any updates about the vehicles that were shot at between Merlin and Roseburg.

— Via email

Oregon State Police told us they added one more incident to the list, but it happened in the same time frame as the original five. So, technically, nothing new to report.

To catch anyone else up who has zero idea what we’re discussing, here’s a brief recap.

Since mid-May, six vehicles driving on Interstate 5 between Merlin and Roseburg were hit by bullets. There’s no apparent pattern. The victims included a mix of commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, according to OSP Lt. Stephanie Bigman. Northbound and southbound drivers were affected. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

Police believe the shootings occurred between mileposts 67 and 100. Vehicle damage included a flat tire, a pierced coolant hose and the loss of power steering. The caliber of the bullets was not known.

Anyone who believes their vehicle was struck or who heard random gunshots in that area of I-5 is encouraged to call the OSP Southern Command Center at 1-800-442-2068 or *OSP. The case number is SP20-173444.

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