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Woman who received deputy's naked photos not in trouble

Did the woman who received the inappropriate photos from the former Jackson County sheriff’s deputy, Roger Campbell, get in trouble?

— Paula A., via phone

Well, Paula, though it’s illegal to send explicit photos of your genitals while in uniform and in your patrol car, it is not illegal to receive them.

The recipient of those photos was not charged for having them on her phone. The charge fell on now former Jackson County sheriff’s deputy Roger Campbell, who plead guilty to official misconduct in July and was sentenced to 11 months bench probation. He was also fined $1,300, in lieu of community service.

As it turns out, Campbell was in hot water for more than just advertising his private parts. The week before Campbell surrendered his badge in December, the sheriff’s office had begun a process recommending his employment be terminated following an internal affairs investigation that showed he had failed to properly investigate three “serious crimes” in 2019, according to files obtained from the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training through a public records request.

So, no, the woman did not get in trouble for having the photos. But according to the Jackson County District Attorney’s office, in a July press release about Campbell’s guilty plea, Oregon State Police were looking at the woman’s phone as part of an unrelated investigation last October when they found Campbell’s naked photos.

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