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Video: Helicopter view of Almeda fire shows devastation

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office has made public a half-hour video that shows the devastation caused by the Almeda fire as seen from the air.

Brim Aviation flew over the fire zone to provide a detailed, bird's-eye view. Video shot from the helicopter shows damage to farms, roads, businesses, homes and the Bear Creek Greenway, with the devastation growing more intense and widespread as the helicopter follows the path of the fire.

The Almeda fire started in Ashland on Tuesday, Sept. 8, then was swept by gusty winds toward Talent and Phoenix. The groundwork for widespread destruction was laid by a string of dry, hot days over 100 degrees in early September in the Rogue Valley, which was already in drought conditions.

Early in the firefight, viewers of the video can see amazing saves by firefighters who stopped the fire sometimes just feet from homes and businesses.

But as the fire gained in acreage and swept over a larger and larger area, it overwhelmed fire agencies that converged for the battle from throughout the area. Whole subdivisions, mobile home parts, manufactured home parks, nursing homes, apartment complexes and businesses were decimated in portions of Talent and Phoenix.

Almeda fire helicopter view screenshot.png