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You can check to confirm your ballot arrived

I’m bewildered about the recent controversy over the postal service and mailing in ballots. Is it safe to mail them in? Are there any ways to check to see if my ballot arrived at the local elections center?

— Dave S., Medford

Ballots go out on Oct. 16, and Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker has assured residents that mailing the ballots is a safe option. But if you wait until a few days leading up to the election Nov. 3, you might want to consider putting the ballot in official ballot boxes, which are located at community libraries.

If you’re still worried about your ballot, Dave, you can take it to Jackson County Elections at 1101 W. Main St., Suite 201, Medford.

We should point out that the deadline for voter registration is Oct. 13, and you can register online at www.oregonvotes.gov. You may need to update your voter registration if you have been inactive for a period of five years.

If you’ve sent your ballot in, and you’re still anxious about whether it’s been received, you can check on the status of your ballot at https://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/myvote.aspx?lang=en.

The Secretary of State’s website also lets you check on your voter registration status. You can update your registration information at the same website, particularly if you’ve changed addresses.

Dave, there’s a number of ways to check on your ballot that should give you peace of mind.

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