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Crews are cutting hazardous trees along the Bear Creek Greenway

Someone felled a number of large trees along the Bear Creek Greenway right across from the Jackson Wellsprings entrance. Which department or agency had the authority to do “salvage logging” so soon after the fire? Those trees should have been left standing to hold the soil and be protection for smaller trees and plants emerging post-fire. That was an area inhabited by homeless folks, so that might be a reason somebody may have wanted them removed.

— Dot

The Jackson County Parks Department is having arborists cut hazardous trees that could fall on people using the Bear Creek Greenway in the aftermath of the Almeda fire.

The fire burned about nine miles of the walking, jogging and biking path.

Workers have cut down over 450 trees that could fall on people, said John Vial, head of the Jackson County Parks and Roads Department and acting director of the county’s Emergency Operations Center.

The public is urged to stay on the open sections of the Greenway and not wander into burned areas.

Although some trees may look fine, they could topple during a wind event, county officials said.

Trees suffered damage both above and below ground.

Throughout the Almeda fire area, including in neighborhoods, fire burned into the root systems of many trees, creating tunnels and small caverns underground where roots used to anchor the trees into the ground.

Vial said the county has bought more than 40,000 pounds of seeds to restore native grasses and herbs along the Greenway and help stabilize the soil. Helicopter seeding was expected to take place this week, he said.

The county bought more than a mile of erosion-control wattles to place on the ground. Wattles are long tubes filled with organic matter that help capture silt and debris in water runoff, he said.

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