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Fire resource websites still live

I’m looking for a list of organizations still working on assistance for fire victims assistance in the Medford and Ashland area. The Tribune had an active listing about a month ago. Is there still a list?

— Susan

The Mail Tribune did have a listing of organizations, services and events intended for victims of the Almeda fire, Susan, but much of the help available immediately after the fire and is no longer pertinent.

“We’re still offering any content for free that people who were affected by the fires need to know,” Mail Tribune editor Justin Umberson said.

That said, we have two places we can point you toward. One is on the Jackson Care Connect website, https://jacksoncareconnect.org/jackson-county-wildfire-support-resources, where information on resources, shelters, road information, county emergency management, schools, mental health services and much more can be found.

The Rogue Valley Preparedness and Recovery Hub, at https://roguevalley.recovers.org, has similar offerings, with opportunities for anyone interested in volunteering.

A big Since You Asked thank you to Dee Anne Everson, director of United Way of Jackson County, for her help answering your question, Susan.

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