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Animal rescue heroes are on the job

I’ve been reading stories in the paper about a number of owners who are going back to the burn areas to look for their missing cats. There was also a story about a guy who lives in a tent who has seen a number of them and treated one that was burned. Do you know if there are any rescue groups who are helping by putting out humane traps or leaving food for them?

— A concerned cat lover

We know of at least two, Concerned Cat Lover, and they kind of sound like groups of superheroes; feline and canine Justice Leagues or Avengers, if you will.

One, out of Grants Pass, is called the Animal Rescue Force, and they’ve been utilizing the methods you described above to get the animals to come out of hiding and back to their owners.

For more information about the group, visit its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ARFanimalrescueforce.

Another group doing similar work is Heavenly Animal Rescue Team and Services, or HARTS. According to its Facebook page, the group is “dedicated to helping and rescuing animals in need, whether it be from neglect, shelter overcrowding or natural disaster.”

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