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Biden rakes in Jackson County cash

Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden has amassed more campaign cash in Republican-leaning Jackson County than President Donald Trump this campaign season.

According to data compiled Oct. 25 by the New York Times, Biden has received campaign contributions from 5,107 donors since April compared to Trump’s 2,751.

Biden has 64% of the total donors in Jackson County of the two major political parties.

The Biden donors in Jackson County typically gave smaller contributions, averaging $154, to $238 from Trump donors.

In total, Trump received $657,831 in donations since April compared to $786,845 for Biden.

The Ashland 97520 ZIP code, which is a Democratic stronghold, saw 1,990 Biden donors compared to Trump’s 185.

The biggest surprise is the number of Biden donors in Medford, which has a Republican majority.

The 97504 east Medford ZIP code has 972 Biden donors, with 642 for Trump.

West Medford, with a 97501 ZIP code, has 536 Biden donors to 462 for Trump.

“It is surprising,” said Tonia Moro, chair of Jackson County Democratic Party. “To me it shows Jackson County is ready to invest in building back better — the path forward to end divisiveness and restore civility.”

Jackson County’s numbers are dwarfed by the number of donors nationwide, according to the article in the Times. Biden has 4.9 million donors and Trump has 2.7 million, and between the two campaigns, they have raked in $1.8 billion.

In Jackson County, Republicans hold a registration advantage of 4,000 voters over Democrats. The last time the county voted for a Democrat for president was 2008 when Barack Obama ran against the late Sen. John McCain.

The last Democrat to hold a seat on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners was Dave Gilmour, who left office in 2010.

The donor breakdown shows Biden with strong support in south county ZIP codes, an area that has been tracking more blue over the past 20 years.

The north county ZIP codes are still tracking red.

For instance, Central Point, with a ZIP code of 97502, had 401 donors for Trump to Biden’s 300.

Total donations for Trump in 97502 were $97,965 for Trump and $29,456 for Biden.

The 97535 Phoenix ZIP code had more donors for Biden at 102, with total contributions of $7,086. Trump had 64 donors in 97535 with contributions of $6,994.

Many of the outlying areas showed strong donor support for Trump, but the contribution totals were far lower.

The 97524 ZIP code around Eagle Point has 282 Trump donors contributing $49,700, and Biden has 156 donors totaling $17,183.

The 97530 ZIP code, which includes Jacksonville and the Applegate, has 300 Biden donors and 137 Trump donors, but the Biden donors contributed $52,346 while fewer Trump donors gave $56,472.

Voter turnout in Jackson County hit 50.3% Wednesday, and statewide turnout was at 52.3%.

Democratic turnout in Jackson County was at 61.9%, and Republicans were at 47.9%.

Nonaffiliated voters, those who don’t belong to any party and make up the largest voting block, were trailing at 25.8%.

All other parties combined were at 42.8%.

Reach reporter Damian Mann at 541-776-4476 or dmann@rosebudmedia.com. Follow him on Twitter @reporterdm.

A voter drops off a ballot Tuesday at the Jackson County Elections Office on West Main Street in Medford. Andy Atkinson / Mail Tribune