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Hemp should all be harvested this month

It is so sad that hemp smells so bad (like a skunk). When we get any kind of breeze we can’t enjoy being outside or even open our windows. Our masks can’t even block this terrible odor. When will the hemp finally be harvested? I understand there may be an artificial product in the future. How soon can it be produced?

— Gwen

We’ve heard lots of complaints about the odor from hemp in Jackson County, Gwen.

By way of consolation, we can point out that less hemp was grown here this year than last. All the same, if you’re living next to a hemp grow, it probably won’t make much difference as far as odor goes.

There have been some preliminary studies of a synthetic alternative, known as 8,9-Dihydrocannabidiol (H2CBD). It’s too soon to say when it will hit prime time. It’s also difficult to say whether consumers would prefer a substance produced in the lab versus CBD, or cannabidiol, which is derived from the hemp plant.

It’s also difficult to say whether the CBD market will continue to be as robust into the future.

As to the pungent odor, it’s safe to say the hemp harvest will wrap up by the end of the month. Many hemp growers are already harvesting their plants. Hopefully your nearby hemp growers will harvest soon so you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather in the Rogue Valley.

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