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When is the election official?

With so much talk about election problems, Oregon seems to have quickly produced election results. I know there are still some ballots left to count, so when are the results “official” in Jackson County and in Oregon?

— Jeff S., Medford

Yes, the election seemed to go off with nary a hitch, Jeff. If you’ve ever lived in another state, you know that vote-by-mail is definitely the way to go.

The date when elections in Jackson County and other counties in Oregon are certified is Nov. 23.

For ballots that have issues, such as signatures that don’t match, the last day to resolve them is Nov. 17.

The secretary of state needs to notify counties by Nov. 25 where hand counts of ballots are required in the case of close races.

The last day to demand a recount in a particular race is Dec. 8.

Jackson County has one race, for the Ward 3 council seat, where the difference — between incumbent Kay Brooks and Chad Miller — is 25 votes.

Brooks has signaled she may ask for a recount after the election is certified.

The secretary of state issues a proclamation declaring the winners of various races Dec. 3.

As you can see, Jeff, there are plenty of dates coming up that are part of a lengthy and careful process to validate the election in Oregon.

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