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Report robocalls to the FTC

I’ve been getting about 10 calls a day on my landline from a robocall telling me that my Apple iCloud account has been compromised. I know they’re frauds because I don’t have an iCloud account.

The calls always come from a spoofed 541-664-XXXX number with the last digits changing every time and a fake name or “Central Point” on the caller ID.

The phone company could only suggest that I use call blocking. That won’t work because each time it’s a different number!

Do the great gurus at “Since You Asked” have a better solution?

— Steve, Central Point

For any readers who may have an iCloud account and have received a similar call (or 10), Apple does not call its customers out of the blue and ask for their iCloud credentials.

According to tech blog iMore, which you can probably guess covers a lot about Apple stuff, what the scammers are after is a person’s sensitive login and password information — and the financial information that may be linked to accounts of Apple users who buy apps in the App Store or make purchases with Apple Pay.

Apple recommends users hang up the suspicious call and contact the Federal Trade Commission at reportfraud.ftc.gov.

Now, onto those pesky calls. It’s not super immediate, but the best solution we could cobble up at Since You Asked world headquarters is pretty much the same as Apple’s advice: contact the FTC and let them know what happened.

According to the FTC’s website, every fraud report helps investigators build their case against ne’er-do-wells and take a bite out of fraud.

You can also report robocalls to the FTC at donotcall.gov.

If you’ve got the phone number that appeared on your caller ID and the time the call came in — even if the caller ID info is clearly fake — the FTC can pass along your report to phone carriers and other call blocking and call labeling businesses.

“Your reports also help law enforcement identify the people behind illegal calls,” the FTC’s website states.

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