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Movie starring convicted killer available for rent online

I missed out on the premiere of that locally shot horror movie, “From the Dark,” starring an actress who was sent to prison for shooting her uncle.

I can’t imagine I’ll get a chance to see it in theaters for a while, but when could I see it at home?

— Archie, via email

How about as soon as right now? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can watch the thriller shot near the Oregon Caves for as little as five bucks — all without ever having to get up off the couch.

Of course, “From the Dark” is better known for its lead actress, and the shooting that occurred two years prior to principal photography in the Cave Junction area.

Wyn Reed — who’s legal name is Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, but is best known for her work as a blogger, Grants Pass Daily Courier reporter and author of multiple books under the pen name Tucker Reed — auditioned for the starring role in the film in 2018. At that time, she was out on bail on homicide charges in the shooting death of her maternal uncle, Shane Reed, at her grandmother’s Ruch property in the summer of 2016.

Reed plays “Valerie,” an Oregon Caves tour guide on her last day when, at her going-away party, people start mysteriously disappearing.

The filmmakers say they had no knowledge of her legal circumstances until shortly after filming, when she was re-arrested on a murder charge after filming wrapped in the fall of 2018 because new cell phone video of the homicide surfaced, according to news reports leading up to the premiere at the Varsity Theatre in Ashland earlier this month.

Reed ultimately pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the homicide earlier this year. According to the Oregon Department of Corrections, her earliest prison release date is in November 2024.

Because of Reed’s central role in the movie, the filmmakers said they couldn’t edit Reed out. Their choices were to edit the footage they had or scrap the project.

The controversial film project starring a killer became national news after a story in The Washington Post last year, and the homicide and film are the subject of an upcoming Dateline NBC special titled “A Killer Role.” The Dateline NBC true crime feature was originally scheduled to air Oct. 2, but the network aired live coverage of the president’s COVID-19 hospitalization that evening instead.

NBC has not yet revealed a new air date for the special.

The film, however, is available now for rental or purchase on the Amazon Prime Video or iScreeningRoom platforms. On Amazon Prime Video, a standard definition 48-hour rental is $4.99, a high definition rental is $5.99 and is available for purchase at $9.99.

See fromthedarkmovie.com/watchnow for links to all rental and purchase options.

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