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'Shrooms are legal, but only for therapy

First it was pot that was legalized in Oregon. Now it’s magic mushrooms. Will I be seeing stores selling magic mushrooms soon? How will they decide where to sell the magic?

— Ed S., Medford

First of all, Ed, Oregonians only approved the use of psychedelic mushrooms, or psilocybin, for clinical use, not recreational use.

Measure 109 was approved overwhelmingly by Oregon voters in November, but it will take up to two years to work out all the regulatory details, including what qualifications are required of therapists.

Some studies indicate mind-bending mushrooms offer help for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction.

Ed, you also asked “what’s next?” — though we assume you were just being funny.

But Measure 110, also passed overwhelmingly by Oregonians, would decriminalize heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycodone and other hard drugs.

Instead of jail time, a person found with a small quantity of these drugs could either pay a $100 fine or attend a new addiction center paid for through tax revenues from Oregon’s legalized, regulated marijuana industry.

As you can see, Ed, Oregon leads the way in an effort to find a way out of the long-running war on drugs.

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