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Donald Trump will be back in the headlines right after the Super Bowl weekend as he faces his second impeachment trial. You already know how you feel about him, and you already know the Senate won't get the required two-thirds vote to find him guilty of inciting the riot on the Capitol January 6th. And yet, it will be high drama and fill endless hours of cable talk shows where cable news channels used to be. And more pontificating in the partisan national newspapers and online outlets for the right and left.

And, here again, a perfect setting to explain why we created RoseBud. We see a media industry eager to tell you what to think. And to score points, as if news has become some debate game of one upsmanship. Our thesis for creating RoseBud was and is that there is a growing appetite in the world, not just America, to get a full picture on the news, without the spin, without the bias. And that's why we appreciate you reading this, and taking the time to view Larry Mendte's Commentary. Because there are things to know that give this impeachment trial context and perspective. Things like precedents and the concept of free speech, and why it's a slippery slope when free speech is put on trial. So whether you are rooting for Trump next week or against him, hear Larry's analysis and commentary, then please weigh in and let us know what you think at @mendte. And as always, thank you for watching RoseBud.

Larry Mendte Commentary: Free Speech