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Albertsons gives away first million for monopoly in 13 years

Jamie Lusch / Mail TribuneAlbertson customer Elisa Fischer reacts Tuesday after receiving a $1 million grand prize for the grocery store chain’s Monopoly game at Albertsons.

On Wednesday a small crowd gathered outside the Phoenix Albertsons celebrated the Rogue Valley’s newest millionaire.

Medford resident Elisa Fischer, who has been playing the monopoly game for three years, won the $1 million grand prize.

When she first received the call she didn’t believe it was real.

“I was pretty certain it was a spam call so I wasn’t very excited,” Fisher said while laughing.

To be certain she had won, she called the Phoenix branch to verify the money was real.

The celebration also marked a big milestone for the grocery store chain. Fisher is the first Oregon resident to win the grand prize in 13 years of the Monopoly promotion.

In addition to the money, Elisa and her husband were chauffeured to Albertsons in a limousine celebration and were given a card and gift basket.

Fischer said she and her husband plan on purchasing a home and going out to dinner to celebrate their newfound financial freedom.

“We’re not very materialistic people, but just being able to know that we don’t have to live month to month, which we’ve been doing for so long, and having that extra there it provides such an amazing sense of security,” she says.