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Minimum wage to increase July 1

File photo Tyler Hoevet and Brittaney Bently bring out lunches to Jenetta Plankenhorn and Jessica Fay at The Point Pub & Grill in Central Point.

The minimum wage in Jackson County and all other urban counties in the state will increase Thursday to $12.75 an hour.

In Jackson County it has increased annually since 2016 by $0.75 — $3.50 overall — and will continue to rise until 2022. After next year it will be adjusted annually based on increases in the Consumer Price Index.

The Portland metro area’s minimum wage will increase from $13.25 to $14, and in rural counties it will increase from $11.50 to $12.

In Jackson County, 6,000 workers out of 96,774 (6.2%) earned the minimum wage, according to 2020 third-quarter numbers from the Oregon Employment Department.

Christian Touzet, general manager of The Point Pub & Grill in Central Point, said the majority of the restaurant’s employees earn more than minimum wage, and he said he doesn’t anticipate the increase being a problem for the business.

“On the whole, it will definitely affect the cost of consumer goods, but I don’t think it will affect our prices,” he said.

Touzet said the increase in the minimum wage is good for employees.

“With the way that the job market is right now, people that are looking for work have a lot of options,” he said. “For us, it is a way to access a different caliber of potential employees and really do the right things for our employees.”