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Low-cost pet vaccinations available on Saturday

The Jackson County Animal Shelter will host a drive-thru pet vaccination clinic by appointment on Saturday, July 17. File photo

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is offering a low-cost drive thru vaccination clinic for dogs and cats of county residents this Saturday.

Pet owners must call the shelter at 541-774-6654 to schedule an appointment. Staff members will space out the number of people coming through over several hours.

People should wear a mask and arrive on time. The shelter is located at 5595 S. Pacific Highway, also known as Highway 99, between Phoenix and Talent.

Vaccinations must be paid for in cash, with the fees going to a veterinarian. Rabies shots for cats and dogs cost $10 each. A distemper/parvo booster shot for dogs costs $15, and a distemper/rhino/calici booster for cats is $15.

By law, all dogs age six months and older must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed.

The fee for a dog license varies based on the number of years the dog is being licensed for. Discounts are available for veterans and senior citizens age 62 and older. Ask about the cost of a dog license for your pet when calling to make an appointment.

Licenses can be paid for with checks, credit or debit cards or cash.

Pets that are sick, in heat or on antibiotics or cortisone products cannot be vaccinated. No dog nail trimming will be done.

On Saturday, July 31, the animal shelter will host a drive-thru pet chip-a-thon to implant and register microchips in dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. The $20 cost per chip can be paid for with cash or credit cards, but not checks.

Call the shelter to make an appointment and ask if your pet is eligible. Very young or underweight animals may not be eligible.

Statistics show one-in-three family pets will get lost in their lifetimes. Without identification, almost 90% are never returned home, according to Jackson County Friends of the Animal Shelter.

Scanning for a microchip in a lost animal can identify the owner, leading to the reunification of pets with their families.

A microchip does not replace the legal requirement to license a dog, or the convenience of attaching a personalized identification tag to a dog or cat’s collar.

The owner’s contact information will be registered when the microchip is implanted. However, if the contact information ever changes, the owner is responsible for updating the registration information.

For more information, see fotas.org/chip-a-thon.