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The Time is Now. Changes to the Mail Tribune and Ashland Tidings

“Change is the law of life.” – John F. Kennedy

We’d like to explain changes coming to our newspapers.

Four years ago, Rosebud Media became the proud owner of The Mail Tribune and Ashland Tidings. The purchase marked the beginning of a planned and cathartic change in both heritage newspapers. Those that heard me speak know we did not come here to save a newspaper (that’s not possible in today’s world) but rather to grow a 21st century multi-platform news and information resource for our community.

That goal is finally coming to fruition.

This means change – change we believe will be welcomed by most – if only because it keeps our presses running and news coming. Overwhelmingly, we’re all getting our news in the palm of our hands these days, and newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and cable outlets that haven’t welcomed that challenge have lost their audiences or even forced to close.

Our first step in this process happened over a year ago. Both Medford and Ashland newspapers began publishing in the same size and format featuring the same national and regional news stories as we always have done. We added more video stories, developed an easy-to-use app, website, and e-edition reader. We changed our branding (to MT and AT logos) and created a better, user-friendly experience for our subscribers.

Effective Aug. 1 here is what you can expect:

  • Going forward we will have ONE newspaper: The Mail Tribune with two editions.
  • The TWO editions are: The Mail Tribune, serving Medford and surrounding communities and the Ashland Edition of The Mail Tribune serving Phoenix, Talent, Ashland, and Northern California.
  • Each edition will continue to have its own local section, every day, with the local reporting and a more robust opinion offering. These sections will grow in pages and in coverage to focus on each community.
  • We will continue to publish news each day Monday through Sunday.
  • SEVEN days a week digitally (includes delivery to your inbox by 5:3O a.m. and real-time updates on local breaking news stories 24/7).
  • FOUR days per week in print. Printed days will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday – delivered as you receive now.
  • Additionally, we’ve made a commitment to producing more local video in both our online editions.

Our commitment to fair reporting and an open mind to varied opinions remains our strength. On behalf of our entire Rosebud Media / Mail Tribune and RoseBud Channel teams, thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,