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National Creek could be reader’s mystery waterfall

I am trying to relocate a trail that my family hiked many years ago in Southern Oregon. As I recall it descended to a waterfall, but most memorable were the large pumice boulders along the trail, so light that they could easily be lifted, even by a child. I have moved to another state, but this is one of the places I would love to revisit someday, if I can find it.

— Homesick in Wisconsin

The pumice boulders are the sticking point for us, Homesick.

Our area of Southern Oregon isn’t short on waterfalls, and it isn’t short on pumice either, but we’re drawing a blank on pumice boulders. Then again, it’s possible we’ve walked right past them looking for agates or mushrooms or birds or some other trailside treasure.

The other thing is that Southern Oregon stretches from the ocean to the high desert, covering hundreds of miles, so it might help if you narrowed it down a bit. But since you contacted us in Medford, we’re going to assume you lived in our neck of the woods and go out on a limb with a guess: National Creek Falls.

You said you remember hiking down to a waterfall, and the trail to National Creek Falls drops about 200 feet from the trailhead. It’s also a short hike, just about a mile one-way, which makes it a great hike for families with kids. And we’ve found plenty of pumice along the trail.

So even if this isn’t the one you remember, it’s a darn nice hike, especially on a hot summer day, because it takes you into a cool, misty glen where a pair of cold water plumes plunge 80 feet and spray out over a basalt cliff.

To reach the trail, take Highway 62 east from Medford to Union Creek, then take Highway 230 north toward Diamond Lake. In about 6 miles, near the Douglas County line, turn right on Forest Road 6530, also known as County Line Road.

Stay on FR 6530 for 1.3 miles; and bear left at a fork in the road to stay on 6530. Continue about 2.5 miles to a junction with Road 300. Turn right and drive to the trailhead.

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