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Yes, you can be taxed after you die

Medford City Hall

Medford residents are often bewildered by the 650 fees the city charges for various services, licenses and permits, including fees for burials and crypts.

These fees are often very difficult for the public to find, buried among the 56 sections of municipal code, or are located on the city website or in other documents.

To clear up the confusion, Medford City Council voted unanimously Thursday to create a master list of all city charges, which will be available at the City Recorder’s office.

Along with the the new master list, there won’t be any changes to existing fees, but the council will conduct an annual review of fees to see whether any changes are warranted.

The one exception is increasing the fingerprint fee from $20 to $50, which is in line with what the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office charges.

The new master fee schedule for 2021-22 will be available on the city’s website and be broken down into various sections, including administration, business fees, charges for service, development fees, parking, parks and recreation, building permits, fire permits, right-of-way permits and utility fees.

Each of the sections is further broken down, so the public will still have to look for the specific fee or tax that applies.

For instance, under right-of-way permits, you can find information about permits for driveways, house moving, sidewalks, streets and alleys, street lights, storm drains or above ground work in the right-of-way.

There are even fees for false alarms.

For the first false alarm, there is no fee, but for the second it’s $75. The third false alarm is $150, the fourth is $300 and the fifth is $500. If an alarm is suspended, the reinstatement fee is $50.

Sidewalk vendors pay $300 a quarter, and the marijuana tax is 3%.

Even if you die, there’s a fee to get to your final resting place. A cemetery burial space costs $250 to $500, and a crypt will set you back $500 to $800.

Public records requests can cost you. The labor rate is free for up to 29 minutes of staff time, but after that it will cost you $56 an hour.

Copies of documents are free for the first 10 pages, but then 25 cents for each additional page. Large-format documents run $6. Digital copies on a CD or DVD are $25 per disc.

System development charges, or the amount charged for new construction, varies depending on where you live in the city. A single-family house in southeast Medford would cost $3,925.00, while houses outside this area would be $3,425.00.

A summer concert sponsor would pay Medford Parks and Recreation a $10,000 fee.

Reach freelance writer Damian Mann at dmannnews@gmail.com.