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Student arrested after threats made at Crater High School

The Central Point Police Department announced Friday a Crater High School student had been taken into custody on a disorderly conduct charge after allegedly making a comment at school that was “alarming to others.”

The department announced the arrest Friday, one day after it received a report of a student who overheard another “making vague threats toward” the school.

The reporting student did not initially know who made the remarks, but after interviewing “the involved student and multiple witnesses,” authorities were able to make an arrest, according to a news release.

Central Point police Capt. Scott Logue credited the results of the investigation to a variety of factors, including “good police work.”

“Both the school district and the Central Point Police Department take all potential threats seriously and we investigate them thoroughly,” Logue said. “We put the safety of all the students and staff at the school at a high priority.”

He also pointed to witnesses who were cooperative with investigators and even utilized a tip line, which is how the incident was first reported to law enforcement.

“That’s exactly what we hope for in any situation,” Logue said. “If you hear or see anything that is alarming … bring it to our attention.”

Superintendent Walt Davenport praised the police department in an email to the Mail Tribune.

“The Central Point police did a fantastic job responding to this incident,” he wrote. “As a parent of a high school student at Crater, I feel confident in the safety provided on campus.

“I’m thankful for our administration, teachers, students and parents. It is evident we have a strong community that looks out for the safety of our students.”

Logue could not elaborate “at this time” on the content of the threat made by the student.

“A student overheard what they thought was a threat and that was enough for them to report it,” Logue said. “Our school resource officers and investigators picked up the case and were able to determine some of the witnesses and the involved student who made comments.”

He said the investigation surrounding the specific kind of disorderly conduct is complete, but there is more to examine.

“We are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding what led up to the comments in the first place and whether or not anything additional may be going on,” Logue said.

There isn’t any timeline on how long that investigation will take, he added.

“Potentially (more charges could come) … it just depends on what that investigation reveals,” Logue said.

The Central Point Police Department already has one student resource officer equipped in threat assessment who works at Crater High School. It also has another that “floats” between the elementary and middle school.

However, law enforcement presence was stepped up the day following the incident, according to an agency news release.

“(There was) a focus on Crater because that’s where the threat was,” Logue said.

He did not want to say how many more officers he placed at Crater High School — or whether they were assigned to work inside or outside the school. However, the department did call in an officer who was not originally assigned to work Friday.

When asked whether there would still need to be more officers at Central Point schools next week, Logue responded that the student who made the threat was removed and the notion of an “ongoing threat” is “not a huge concern.”

“If any other threats or more information came about, we would adjust our approach accordingly,” Logue said.

Reach reporter Kevin Opsahl at 541-776-4476 or kopsahl@rosebudmedia.com. Follow him on Twitter @KevJourno.