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Wolves blamed for killing of guard dog

The death of guard dog, whose remains were found Wednesday in the Boundary Butte area of Jackson County, has been attributed to the Rogue wolf pack.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, on Wednesday a livestock owner found his dead, mixed-breed livestock guard dog inside of his electric, wolf-resistant enclosure in private pasture about 600 yards from his owner’s home.

The carcass was reportedly mostly intact. It was determined the dog died sometime during the previous night.

ODFW investigators shaved, skinned and examined the carcass. The report says they found bite punctures and premortem hemorrhage “indicating it had been attacked. The location and severity of wounds are consistent with a wolf attack.”

Wolf tracks were found near the carcass and, according to the findings, at least four sets of wolf tracks entered and left the electric fence area about 300 yards from the carcass. “This depredation is attributed to members of the Rogue Wolf Pack,” the report stated.