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Jackson County COVID-19 cases trend up

Jackson County COVID-19 cases are continuing to trend up, although COVID-19-related deaths remain low.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 220 new COVID-19 cases in Jackson County over the past week, for an average of 31 daily cases.

The county logged 191 cases the previous week, for a daily average of 27 cases.

OHA reported the death of one Jackson County resident over the past week, compared to two deaths the previous week.

Josephine County COVID-19 cases are also trending up, totaling 84 for the past week, compared to 70 the previous week. The daily average number of cases was 12 for the past week and 10 the previous week.

OHA reported the COVID-19-related deaths of two Josephine County residents in the past week, versus none the previous week.

Statewide, OHA reported 8,254 new COVID-19 cases over the past week, compared to 7,012 the previous week. The daily average of 1,179 cases is up from an average of 1,002 daily cases the previous week.

OHA reported 26 COVID-19-related deaths for the past week. The previous week’s death toll was 25.

On Monday, hospitals in Jackson and Josephine counties were caring for 18 patients with the COVID-19 virus. On Friday, that number dipped to 13, according to state hospitalization data.

The number of patients with the virus in hospitals across Oregon grew slightly from 168 Monday to 171 Friday.

Following a winter surge of COVID-19 cases, local COVID-19 case counts bottomed out in March. They’ve been trending up since then, but not reaching the high numbers seen in previous pandemic surges.

Public health officials in both Jackson and Josephine counties are advising residents to get tested if they believe they have COVID-19. Treatment works best when administered early, they said.