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Mystery of headless, footless comics solved

I am a lifetime fan of the Sunday “funnies” (70-plus years). The MT selection of comics is one of my favorites, but I have noticed in the past month that the third page of your printings (“Blondie” and “Wizard of ID”) have been getting the tops and bottoms of their panels cropped off. Poor Dagwood and Blondie’s heads and word balloons, along with the Wizard cast’s feet, are severed from publication. Is this a local (MT) snafu or is it how your staff receives them?

— T.H., Medford

You, T.H., are the winner of this month’s Eagle-Eyed Reader Award, given to the person who is the nicest and most diplomatic when pointing out a botch in the paper.

You were not the only person to notice this snafu, as you call it, but you were definitely the nicest, unlike the gentleman who started his note: “Whoever supplies your Sunday comics section is asleep half the time ... ”

We don’t print the Sunday “funnies” in house, T.H. They are delivered to us from a company in Klamath Falls, and we insert them into the paper.

After your letter, we called them up, and they were appropriately mortified and, as you’ll see from today’s comics, Dagwood’s hair is fully visible, the Wizard’s team is intact and no word balloons have been deflated.

We would have liked to give you a plaque with your Eagle-Eyed Reader Award, but the budget of the Oregon Outdoors team has expanded exponentially in recent years — at the expense of the SYA budget — so we had to eliminate plaques.

But in its place we were told we could issue a huge and sincere Attaboy, which is hereby offered: You da man, T.H.!

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