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Local GOP officially rejects Biden win

Local executive committee of Republican Party passed a resolution July 8 claiming President Joe Biden’s election victory is illegitimate
Graffiti is removed from the Jackson County Republican Party headquarters in Medford in March 2021. [Mail Tribune/file photo]

The Jackson County Republican Central Committee has officially rejected the 2020 presidential election results.

The local executive committee of the Republican Party passed a resolution July 8 in support of a Texas GOP convention that claims President Joe Biden’s election victory is illegitimate.

This was followed July 12 by a unanimous vote of the Jackson County Republican Central Committee in favor of the resolution.

Local Republican and businessman Alan DeBoer, a former state senator and mayor of Ashland, said he thinks the resolution is “totally wrong.”

“I am totally opposed to the stance of the Republican leaders,” he said.

While DeBoer denounced some last-minute tactics around the country by both Republicans and Democrats to help sway the election, he said, “It was an overwhelming victory for President Biden.”

DeBoer said he has yet to see any real evidence of the kind of fraudulent election behavior claimed by many of his fellow Republicans.

“I have ultimate faith in the election process,” he said.

DeBoer warned that if people continue to question that process with unfounded claims, it will be detrimental for the country.

“There are much more important things to deal with as a party,” he said.

The resolution calls into question the legitimacy of the Biden presidency even though Biden won both the national vote and the Electoral College vote.

Rendell Embertson, chair of the Jackson County Republican Central Committee, said it is an “interesting predicament” whether he personally considers Biden’s presidency legitimate.

“He was put in as our president,” he said. “I pray for him.”

He said he also prays for Gov. Kate Brown and other Democrats in elected office.

Embertson said there are still a number of court cases around the country that might eventually show problems with the election process.

Even in Oregon, Embertson said there are dead voters, voters who’ve moved and double ballots that appear to be counted.

“There are some pretty big holes in the election process,” he said.

Embertson said the resolution is more about seeking to clean up the election process rather than rehashing the 2020 election.

He cited a “documentary” called “2000 Mules” that claims a ballot trafficking scam in the 2020 election, a film filled with accusations that left former Attorney Gen. Bill Barr, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, “unimpressed.”

In the Jackson County Republican Central Committee resolution, it states, “The ‘2000 Mules’ documentary irrefutably proves election fraud occurred during the 2020 election in the form of ballot trafficking through drop boxes.”

It continues, “We reject the certified results of the 2020 presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States. We strongly urge Republicans to work to ensure election integrity and correct all fraud and weaknesses identified in the 2020 election.”

While the resolution relies on the allegations in the 2020 “Mules” film, Embertson said he believes other court cases will show the merits of those allegations.

He cited a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that said the state can’t have most ballot drop boxes, and a voter can’t get someone else to turn in their absentee ballot.

Despite questions about election integrity in some states, Embertson said he doesn’t find any fault with the Jackson County Elections Office.

Tonia Moro, chair of the Jackson County Democrats, said the local Republican Party has embraced the “big lie psychosis” that continues to support Trump’s treasonous intent to cheat, lie and steal to remain in power.

“What a sad, shameful thing,” she said. “There is likely no hope for the leadership of the local party; we can only hope that they will move to Texas.”

Moro said local Republican leaders appear to be calling for a correction to the 2020 election, which she says could lead to intimidation and violence.

“Our community must not tolerate even those who are enabling this lunacy,” she said.

Reach freelance writer Damian Mann at dmannnews@gmail.com.