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TV Tempo, SYA will continue

I am very disappointed to know I won’t have the Mail Tribune delivered. Also, I wish you had mentioned TV Tempo and whether there will be a listing for TV programs. Will you still offer the Columnist for a Day? Will “Since You Asked” continue?

— Nancy F., 89 years old, via email

The easy answers to your questions, Nancy, are yes, yes and yes.

We will still publish TV Tempo in our Friday e-edition, and you can also find it through a link on the website.

To go straight to it, type mailtribune.com/tv-tempo/ into your web browser. If you make a bookmark for it, you can go straight to it in the future without typing it in again.

To read TV Tempo in the e-edition — the electronic version of the paper laid out exactly like the printed version — click on the link for e-edition at the top of the Mail Tribune homepage at mailtribune.com. You can use the arrows to flip through the issue or go straight to TV Tempo by clicking on it in the index.

We’ll keep publishing Columnist for a Day in Sunday editions as long as people keep sending us columns. We kicked off the feature in February 2014 and, within weeks, were buried in submissions from readers who wanted to publish a column in the paper.

Submissions have ebbed and flowed over the years, but we’ve only had one week in the past eight-plus years when the cupboard was bare.

Since You Asked also will continue. It’s been one of our most popular features for years. Since May we have been answering reader questions once a week: on Sundays. But as you can see from today’s column, we’ll run them other days as well.

Send questions to “Since You Asked,” Mail Tribune Newsroom, P.O. Box 1108, Medford, OR 97501; or by email to youasked@rosebudmedia.com.