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Larry Mendte Commentary: Maxine Waters

The jury spoke, quickly and decisively.  And the family praised God and the jurors and the competent prosecutors and legal teams that helped and supported the family of George Floyd, who, by the way, always kept their cool, and never once encouraged violence in the streets. They are the American family we all say we want to be. And as individuals, they carried themselves with a grace and strength you can only marvel at.

Derek Chauvin?  He was immediately cuffed, but unlike George Floyd, he was able to stay on his feet as he was walked to jail to await his sentencing in 8 weeks. Justice served.

But wait. Words have consequences. And for whatever reason, Maxine Waters, the controversial member of Congress from California, spoke the other day about how there should be confrontations in the streets.

It was totally out of line for a member of Congress, and there are calls for her to be censured. There is a concern, already in the court record, that her outburst could be used to appeal and overturn Chauvin’s conviction.

Larry has his take on it, please watch, and then let Larry know if you agree or disagree on Instagram @mendte or twitter @Larrymendte.