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Home Lost In Almeda Fire Is First To Be Rebuilt

It has not been a full year since the Almeda fire burned down homes in Ashland, Talent, and Phoenix. The recovery is a long process, but a benchmark has been reached. The First home has been rebuilt.

"We thought it was going to at least be June if not late June, and having it the first full week in May is just tremendous,“ said homeowner Carole Balzer. ”Completely unexpected."

When the evacuations came, Alan Balzer was working from home. He escaped with his neighbor, but was only able to grab the family cat, his computer, and a box of pictures.

"We didn't come back to see the devastation for quite a while afterward when we met with the insurance,“ said homeowner Alan Balzer. ”We didn't really have a need to and I didn't really want to see it once we'd heard the house was gone."

It was time to rebuild, and Suncrest Homes got to work with the Balzer’s and other families.

“It's kind of like goals of what we've been working for and to finally have someone into a home is really rewarding,” said Charlie Hamilton, the owner of Suncrest Homes. “We had committed to doing just fire rebuilds and it has probably been the most rewarding part of my career."

Each home that Suncrest Homes builds is custom, so while the insurance companies require that the square footage be about the same as the home that burnt down, families were able to design the interior layouts into their dream homes.

For the Balzer’s that included a massive island in the center of the kitchen and a more open floor plan.

It is a kitchen that is sure to create plenty of new memories for a family starting a new chapter after the Almeda Fire took almost everything.