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Larry Mendte Commentary: Memorial Day

You know what Americans can come together about, regardless of the polarized politics that freezes family reunions and get-togethers?

RoseBud is proud to point the way with an answer: We can all be grateful for all the military personnel who died fighting to defend us. That's what Memorial Day is about.

Of course, we honor veterans too, but this is a special day, a sacred day, to focus on those who gave their lives for our liberty. And as we scanned the national media this holiday weekend, and the social media networks that are often cesspools of bad human behavior, we were heartened that many people understand the true meaning of the day and hold leaders accountable for how they behave about this day that is set aside to honor and remember.

Larry Mendte explains why actions and behavior matter, and after you hear his argument and his conclusion, we invite you to write him on Instagram @mendte and let him know if you agree or disagree with him.

And as always, thank you for watching RoseBud.