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Larry Mendte Commentary: Red Wave

Historically, Americans flip Congress in the mid-term elections as regularly as McDonald's flips burgers. So the reasonable expectation for 2022 is that the democrats will lose control of the House, and there's a good chance Republicans may take a clear majority in the Senate. If it doesn't happen, that would be unusual, but not unprecedented.

And it's against that backdrop that you need to size up what will happen in 2022.

In this RoseBud Commentary, we get past the emotional stuff of party favorites, and down to the nitty-gritty of what voters will likely be thinking about when they decide who they want to send to Congress. Larry Mendte takes a look at the big issues as they have shaped up since January, when a new House, Senate, and White House all were taken by democrats, and why Congress may change hands in 2022.

Watch Larry's analysis and his comments, then write to him at @mendte and let him know if you agree or disagree. This is the kind of honest observation that has won Larry over 100 Emmy Awards in his career, now many of them for Commentary. And it's something you just won't find on cable talk news channels or even in the national papers like the New York Times or Washington Post.

As always, we thank you for watching RoseBud. Please share our channel and stories you like with people you know, so we can keep growing and delivering a fresh approach to news and life without bias or telling you how you should think.