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Larry Mendte Commentary: Foreign Tourism

RoseBud Channel was conceived, actually thrives, because of the dishonesty in the news media and the political parties, both of them, all of which are guilty of distorting the truth, something we care about.

Some topics bring this to light more brightly than others. Immigration is one of those topics. And as Larry Mendte analyzes in this RoseBud Commentary, the immigration battles get passed like a baton from one Administration to the next, whether a democrat or a republican sits in the Oval Office.

What is going on right now is not being as well reported as when Donald Trump sat at the Resolve Desk, and you can make your own assumptions about that. But what you'll see in Larry's Commentary is the inescapable fact that the rhetoric we hear during a campaign season is often different than the reality of carrying out actual policy.

Watch Larry roll out the facts, and then his comments, and tell him at @mendte if you agree or disagree with his assessment. One thing is for sure: this well-worn can is being kicked down the road more and more.

And, as always, we thank you for watching the RoseBud Channel.