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Larry Mendte: Britney Spears Conservatorship

If you've been following the saga of Britney Spears and who is in charge of her life, this RoseBud Commentary may be of particular interest to you.  Because before Larry Mendte gives his own opinion, he'll run down the facts of the case and put into a modern day perspective, and then a precedent that many do not talk about that.

Empowered with those facts and that knowledge, you may have a better chance of deciding how you feel about the saga, and it is that... a drama fit for a movie.  Which, as Larry points out, is part of the problem. Celebrity has always come with a price, and it's easy to see here in this case.

We invite you to watch, see if you agree with Larry or not, then write him @mendte.  You'll hear back from Larry, especially if you ask for him to reply.  But keep it civil.  RoseBud was started so we could bring stories to people and let them make their own determinations, and we don't follow trends or care for partisanship or the crass discourse commonly found in social media.  We hope you not only agree with that, we hope you support it and keep coming back and sharing our videos with friends and family.  And as always, thank you for watching the RoseBud Channel.