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We are all more aware of jobs and unemployment signs since the pandemic caused so many businesses to shut down and alter the way we live our lives. Even if we aren't directly affected by it, someone in our family or circle of friends has suffered being unemployed or seen their business dissolve.

The "help wanted" signs are in Medford, Oregon, home to the RoseBud Channel, and they are in towns where some of our teamwork, stretching from southern California to Chicago to the east coast.

So this is a good time to get caught up on the monthly numbers, what they mean, what's been true about them historically, and have a better understanding of what's in the news reports we see and read that don't always explain things.

After Larry Mendte does just that, explain things, he offers his thoughts and we're always interested to hear if you agree or disagree with his Commentary. You can tell Larry directly @mendte.

And as always, we thank you for supporting the RoseBud Channel and hope you share our videos with your friends and post them on your social media so we can keep growing!