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By the time you see this RoseBud Commentary (which was recorded Tuesday afternoon on the 17th), you may have seen Good Morning America's George Stephanopolous interview President Joe Biden Wednesday morning in what's being billed as an "exclusive interview."

That is all part of a media strategy to limit the damage of the Biden's team -- and the President himself -- for not knowing or reacting to the fall of Afghanistan by Taliban terrorists, who in their own media spin -- get this -- say that they've become "inclusive" and will "welcome" women into the new government they assemble.

Stop the presses. RoseBud has a bridge between Brooklyn and the isle of Manhattan we are selling.

We created RoseBud to cut through all the spin you get from Fox on one side and MSNBC and CNN on the other, and from the bias inherent in the NY Times and Washington Post.

So, as you watch Larry Mendte's analysis and commentary about what just happened the past few days in Afghanistan and inside the Biden administration, know this: Our intelligence community knew things were happening fast all through this summer, and did sound the alarms inside the Administration; When Kabul fell on Sunday, the first reports from the White House press office Monday morning were that the President would assemble his advisors and speak to the American public "in the next few days." When they floated that out and saw how poorly that was received, they scrambled to write a speech for the President and there he was Monday afternoon addressing the nation. Larry will go into more of that here.

There's one more thing to consider, one more thing to take to heart: At least three Afghan men died by trying to hold onto the tires of the U.S. military transport plane that took off from Kabul Airport. They risked being stowaways on the OUTSIDE of the plane because they wanted out so much and believed in America enough.

Freedom, what we stand for, was literally life or death. And it is and will be for thousands the Taliban will now purge. We didn't win in Afghanistan, we were defeated in the longest war we've ever endured. Yet for twenty years, U.S. presence in a country WE invaded looking for Osama bin Laden had hope, women had hope, that they could be free of persecution, and enjoy democracy.

The story of Afghanistan will undoubtedly grow worse in the coming weeks and months. But the seeds were planted in a generation. And we hope the best for them. Watch Larry's Commentary, and write to him @Mendte and let him know if you agree or disagree with him.

And as always, we thank you for watching RoseBud.