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In this RoseBud Commentary, Larry Mendte cuts through all the official Biden Administration spokespeople and their double-speak to get to the heart of the matter about how we left Americans behind in Afghanistan. And with new reporting and leaks, Larry addresses some things that the President himself would like to see swept away.

But things are so bad with how the exit from Afghanistan has been handled, even a Category 4 Hurricane and record rain and flooding in 17 states haven't stopped reporters in the White House asking tough questions.

We are certain the Biden team is hoping the long holiday weekend will shift attention elsewhere. We are also certain Larry Mendte and the RoseBud team will keep reporting the truth and uncover things as they come about. Not just on Afghanistan, but on every major story.

Watch what Larry has to say. Tell him @mendte if you agree or disagree. And as always, thank you for watching RoseBud and reading the Mail Tribune.