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Just in case you are one of the Americans not familiar with the Stolen Valor Act of 2005, you may find this RoseBud Commentary by Larry Mendte educational, and then armed with knowledge, appreciate why Larry delivers a forceful Commentary about what can only be called dubious behavior at best from the Biden Administration. We are days from the 20th anniversary of 9/11, so in context and with that perspective, words like valor, courage, patriotism, and freedom ring loudly with the stinging memory of that day and its aftermath. We are a different nation than then. Pre- 9/11 in that summer of 2001 we were consumed with pop culture and other trite things. Post 9/11 we banded together as a nation. But that purpose sadly gave way to the selfish, narcissistic society we had been, only this time, our lack of decorum carried into our politics. Twenty years later, haven't forgotten, but we do forget. And that's why this Commentary -- which is about current events, not from twenty years ago -- is so important and as you'll see, why Larry is good at explaining things before he tells you his thoughts. He'd like to know your thoughts. @mendte is where you can let him know if you agree or disagree. And, as always, thank you for watching the RoseBud Channel. We hope you are a subscriber to the Mail Tribune, where we feature these Commentaries, and Larry offers a companion text in our Opinion section.