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In this RoseBud Commentary, Larry Mendte addresses the case of Gen. Mark Milley. And wal

ks you through the facts of the story that has Donald Trump and his supporters up in arms. If you're reading this and have your opinion decided already, we'll be stubborn for a moment, and ask you to indulge us. Because Larry Mendte will lay out the important and relevant facts, and not the emotional ones. And after he does, he'll share his opinion with you, and that's where we'd like to hear from you, about whether you agree or disagree. You can write him @mendte.

Milley has served and distinguished himself in a long military career. No doubt, has served above reproach, a term that in military and civil servant ranks is a notch higher than "exceptional" or "outstanding." It means just as it sounds. Trust, values, integrity, fidelity to the Constitution, to whatever oath that person takes, is never questioned. Because it's inconceivable. And that's why this story and this case against Milley is important for America. Because now there's evidence that it is conceivable, and it cannot be, regardless the politics, regardless the parties.

Thank you for watching RoseBud Channel. We hope you weigh in with your thoughts.