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There is a crisis at the border, some 14,000 migrants huddled under a bridge in Texas, hoping against hope to be allowed entry to the United States, some of them already rounded up and sent by cargo plane back to Haiti, where most of them are from.

Just like President Trump before him, since becoming president, President Biden has told people not to come, that they aren't welcome.  That comes after he told people he'd welcome them while he campaigned.  It gets confusing.

But whether it's hope for a change of heart by U.S. administrators, or the reality that Haiti -- with its political upheaval, hurricanes, and earthquakes -- is the worse option, people stuck under the bridge are living in crisis, without of control crime amongst each other and uncertainty about the future.

What Larry Mendte has latched onto in this Commentary is how the President and those around him have established a pattern now of causing confusion, then denying a crisis.  The migrants huddled under a bridge aren't the first example, as you'll see.  And spinning the truth is becoming a norm.  Watch Larry's take and then write him @mendte and tell him yours.

And as always, thank you for watching RoseBud.