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We hope that we attract readers and viewers that make up the wide diversity of opinion on matters of politics and policy and how you feel about the media and popular culture. Those are the areas we regularly examine in our RoseBud Commentary videos. It means we run the risk of having you agree or disagree with some or all of the points we make in each Commentary we do.

And because we don't champion an ideology, rather, we are happy to report on them and offer our thoughts so you can determine yours, we continue to be fearless in tackling the hot-button topics of our times.

And that's no different when it comes to the Supremes. Not the amazing Motown group, we can all agree on their greatness; this Commentary is about the Supreme Court, the nine justices, and the ongoing push to add more justices. As Larry Mendte explains, it's all about politics.

See how he lays it out, and then listen to his opinion, and agree or disagree with him at LMendte@rosebudmedia.com.

And as always, thank you for watching the RoseBud Channel.