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By this time into the presidency of Donald Trump, there was name-calling and vitriol and an overall high level of bitter acrimony in American politics -- and it wasn't all from the eruptions on Twitter at 6am in the morning that "45" became famous for doing.

The election of Joe Biden was to bring all of that to a halt but, partly because Trump made enough missteps to make a close race of it, and partly because he and his staunchest followers refused to accept defeat, there is a bitterness in American politics that won't fade.

And seizing upon missteps the president and his White House team haven't been able to overcome, President Biden owns a low approval rating, with a majority of his own party down on him.

Larry Mendte examines all this, including the excesses, and then offers his thoughts.  After you watch, we'd like to hear yours, and if you agree or disagree with Larry.  Write him at lmendte@rosebudmedia.com, and as always, thank you for watching the RoseBud Channel.